Friday, May 9, 2008

Couple Rides Again

It has been almost two months since we last rode together. Coincidentally Crystal's track coach job also started almost two months ago. Evenings where there is light outside and enough gas in the internal tank for us to ride together have been few and far between. So it was nice to get out on the road once again last night and spin from Gayton Crossing to Innsbrook. We had a brief "discussion" about the merits of helmets, but finally came to an agreement before heading out.

Pre-ride group shot after the helmet debate
And we're off!
Cresting the hill
My check and knee
Crystal happy to be near done
8.46 Miles and lots of love

VO Low Down Light Mount

About three weeks ago I ordered and mounted a new light mount from Velo Orange. Below is a montage of shots I have taken of it. Clicky clicky for the larger versions.


Crystal said...

Fine I will wear a helmet, but just know that it makes my forehead itchy!!

Grant said...

Cycling cap under the helmet does the trick every time for me. You might also try taking out the forehead pad and using said cap in place of the built-in cushion. That worked for me on a previous helmet.

Crystal said...

But if I fix the itching then I would have nothing to complain about on the ride, and Adam loves when I complain.

Erin said...

cute pictures!! We're itching closer to me getting a bike... I'll have to go through the helmet stuff, too, I guess.

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