Monday, August 18, 2008

40k Again?

I skipped posting on Friday because I was out of town and on vacation. Crystal starts teaching at a new school this year, so Thursday we took all of her teaching materials and supplies to her new classroom. Friday we went up north to shop. IKEA was a bit of a bust, but we should have known better given we don't really need any furniture. I stopped in the Potomac Mills Games Workshop and was convinced by an employee to pre-order a 40k starter kit when I got back to Richmond, probably a mistake considering past experiences.

I am hoping this time will be different for a few reasons. I will have a rulebook so I can learn to play (L2P) at my leisure and in the comfort of my home. There is now an official GW retail store in Richmond, were before I was relying on a third party shop that was in all honesty a crappy place to build my interest. It is a board game when you boil it down to it's core, so I can probably convince my wife and brother to at least play once with me. I still have on nerd colored glasses for miniatures that will probably never go away, expect a model railroad post when I have a child.

Please don't be fooled into think I am completely retreading mistakes of the past. I still have my waders on while braving this geek river. The starter kit was a $10 pre-order and retails at $60. Probably a huge investment when I was a sophomore in college, but not going to break the bank now that I am three years removed from a ramen noodle budget. I picked up a calendar of events from the shop when I went in to give them my ten dollars, hopefully I can pick and choose events that will have like minded adult players. I say this a lot, but wish me luck.

Ex Machina
In the calm before the storm (I ordered five trades Saturday night) I went to my local comic shop Thursday to look for something to read. I walked out with Ex Machina after hearing good things about it on Fresh Ink and knowing that it was written by Brian K. Vaughan (Y). The writing is very well done, something I didn't expect given the books political nature. The art is so-so I guess, the artist uses pictures as a reference for all of the panels and occasionally the expresions on chacters faces can be a bit off putting.

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