Monday, August 11, 2008

Comcast Fights Fires

My original post about our experience with Comcast was intended to be venue to vent to friends and family (my regular audience). So I was extremely surprised when someone who works at Comcast commented on my blog (and this was before my story was on the Consumerist). I was asked by user: ComcastCares1 to send my contact information to a Comcast corporate customer service email, where upon some one would investigate and call.

The same day I sent the email I got a response back and a call. I was busy at the time and did not get a chance to answer, but the voicemail had a name and a direct line for me to call. Before I got a chance to call the number they called back again. The lady I spoke with was very understanding as I explained essentially everything I had written on this blog. When I finished my story she reviewed my current plan under the downgrade Crystal had requested. We were paying $128 for bare bones digital cable, high speed internet and DVR. I reminded her that our cable in our office still wasn't working as well. She asked if she could take a few minutes to crunch some numbers on our plan and attempt to fix the cable.

She called back 15 minutes later and had an offer that we could not refuse. For internet, digital cable, HBO, Starz, Encore and DVR our bill would only be $99 a month. She admitted that she could not get the cable working from offsite, but offered to send a tech to our house at our earliest convenience. Usually scheduling someone to come to your house from Comcast means waiting a week to have them come out for a four hour window that they show up late for. When I asked if the tech could come the next day and she said yes and offered a three hour window, I was a bit thrown. The next day the tech arrived on time and everything was fixed with in thirty minutes.

While this solution was great for us and we certainly will benefit from a lower bill and more channels it does leave me feeling a little dirty. Comcast only paid attention to me because I made a some noise on the internet. My problem was fixed, but the problem as a whole is still a glaring sore that needs to be bandaged. It should have never escalated to the point that it did in the first place. Comcast needs to prevent forest fires, not put them out with squirt guns when they have been raging for weeks.


gabrielmakessandwiches said...

While I agree about it being a sore that needs to be fixed I don't agree with you feeling dirty about it. You went to certain lengths to fix your problem and a "reward" was given.

Fonte said...

I'm glad to hear that everything has worked out for you. I understand what you mean about the sore analogy. I think this situation tends to happen more and more as a company gets more customers, they start to slip through the cracks.

Erin said...

Nice!! I've never met a happy comcast customer, so I think the "noise" was well worth it...companies shouldn't have a customer service center if it doesn't actually work until complaints go public. Makes me think we should take our blog public just in case as the comcast messes eventually come to every doorstep.

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