Friday, August 29, 2008

With Child

That's right we are expecting! We have talked about having children since we started dating some eight years ago, but we did not do so with regularity or serious intent until we got married. The plan was to wait five years post marital start line, so we could spend time enjoying each others company. Well we are at three years and change and we are both ready to share in each others company and a babies. It just felt like the time and we could not imagine anything in our lives that we would not want to share with our child.

I am nervously over joyed about our big news. I can't wait to hold our new born child, but what if I'm a horrible father. Sure everyone says "Oh you'll be great", but serial killers and dictators have parents who were probably told the same thing. I'm not the type to worry or get worked up about stuff like that though, so rest easy friends and family who might contact me to tell me "Oh you'll be great". I'll read the books, listen to the conflicting advice and hopefully filter it all down into what I think makes for a good parent.

We had our first doctors appointment the other day or the "Shit just got real!" appointment if you will. We got to see the babies heart beat and a blurry oval that the doctor assured us was the baby. Crystal had me throw out all of our turtle soup, shark steaks and sword fish fillets because she can no longer eat them. I also got to sit in on her yearly check up, which was awkward to say the least. Lets just say my doctor never gives me an over sized paper towel and a directive to get naked by the time they come back.

The icing on the baby cupcake is the gear and gadgets I get to pick out. I am on the hunt for a digital video camera to record all the moments no self respecting guest to our home will actually want to watch in ten years. I'm also looking for a manly diaper bag. I don't plan to be caught out on the town with a paisley explosion Vera Bradley over my shoulder. There are a bunch of options, but I am leaning toward a messenger style bag customized for baby care. I picked up two new domains earlier this week as well in anticipation of the media blitz we will force on family and friends. More on that in the future though.

Site Watch
Dad Gear has stuff that I would actual wear and/or carry, I guess that is a strong enough endorsement.


Crystal said...

We are going to be great parents I just know it :)

GetSomeMore said...

There is nothing more manly then being a dad. I wouldn't worry about what things look like just being a dad is enough.

PS. Penny aways got the cool looking diaper bags so I was in the clear anyways...LOL!

Hammer said...

When the rug rat arrives, you wont care what people think of you as you converse in baby talk with your young'n. Congrats again. Any names picked out yet?

1 happy mama said...

congratulations! that's wonderful news, now go get some sleep because after the baby comes you won't be able to.

Ray said...

You'll be good parents, or at least say your child was normal until they do something.
You are about to go through money like water, my best advice is get the family members & friends to pick items on the baby registry ASAP.

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