Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Red King of Solace

Quantum of Solace
I have been a Bond junkie since I was wee lad watching double oh seven marathons on TBS with my Dad. I'll tell you that Connery in Goldfinger is the best and that anyone who liked Dalton would not be invited to dine in my home. Quantum promised a continuation of the 2006 continuity reboot Casino Royale, a film I put in my top five for the year. The trailers sold me on that idea and when I finally got to see it last weekend I was disappointed. The parts were good, but made for a disjointed lifeless whole. Quantum of Soulless, as I have heard it described, just didn't capture the magic that the gritty first film did.

Superman: Red Son
Super hero comics are not really my cup of tea, I don't drink tea either so I guess they aren't my cup of coffee. Of all the super heroes Superman is probably my least favorite, the reasons why could probably fill a whole post. So when Crystal brought home Red Son from a friend at work I was tentative at best. I did like the idea of Superman re-imagined as a cold war communist Russian though. The book turned out to be really good. Mark Millar's writing was brilliant and coupled with Johnson and Plunkett's art jumped off the page. I guess it is time to reevaluate my disdain for super heroes sans Batman (who I love).

The King of Kong
I have been on a documentary kick as of late, with the implementation of Netflix on the Xbox 360. Just que up "watch instantly" films and TV series and sit down to watch them in HD streamed to your 360. No lag and it looks better than most DVDs. Long story short the best film I have seen in the last two weeks was the King of Kong. Kong follows the story of a Donkey Kong record that was set in 1982 and had not been bested since. I know a film about people trying obsessively to beat a video games high score sounds dull, but the cast of characters and the way the film is produced make for a really interesting piece. It is a story more about people than it is about the game.

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