Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunny Heroes Taken

Liam Neeson is my favorite new action hero, sure he was the diamond in the rough in Episode One: The Phantom Terrible, but outside of that role I don't know him for his action. Taken is a Commando style plot, meaning the plot exist to film the action. Hell you could call this movie Commando 2 if you like. Dad is a retired spec ops dude, Daughter is kidnapped, Dad flips out and kills tons of bad guys to save her.

My one major complaint about the film is the audio mix. In most films if the volume for speaking is at 5, then the volume for an explosions should be 1o. In Taken every gun, car crash and explosion sounds like it is covered in pillows. Outside of the audio everything else delivers, the hand to hand combat seens authentic, there are a few moments that actually suprised me and it is filmed beautifully.

Knowing that a series takes a nose dive after it's first season would you still watch the show? Heroes is that show and I have started to watch the first season keeping in mind what everyone has told me. So far it is a sold storyline, how they screw it up I can't imagine at this point, but my plan is to stop after season 1 regardless. For anyone living under a rock or to thick to pick up on the context clues from the shows title, it is a story about people with super powers. How they come to discover, use and manage those powers is what makes it interesting so far.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Another show that I slept on for the past few years and finally got around to watching. The show is funny as hell and done on what seems like a shoe string budget. Despite the production quality the laughs still come through. I know that Danny Devito joins the cast in season 3 and all I have heard is the show just gets better. I have the second disk of season 1 waiting for me at home, so I will have to watch and find out.

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