Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Previously on the bee log, I posted the day after we found out that we were having a boy. I ended up recording the ultrasound and little bit extra that day with the intention of putting together a short video of the event. Things got busy and I put it off more than a few times. There is no excuse that satisfies me at the moment in any case.

Well now it is just days before the little man shows up and I would be remiss if I didn't post an ultrasound from December prior to him getting here. So last night when I got home from work I sat down with the intention of posting it and doing it right. Right meaning high quality and small file size. Thankfully I built a HD template in my video editor (Sony Vegas) now, so in the future I can edit and go straight to the web.

Note: The editing is no where near what it could have been, but in the process of building a template last night I had to redo the whole edit I started in December of last year. Not the best work I could have done, but I have big plans for future videos.


Grant said...

It's really cool that you can overlay text on the video. Makes me think of the old days when we had to shoot our movies in sequence. Remember the movie with the spoons and the peanut butter jar where they drove off together at the end, and there was that flash of you standing behind your car, setting up the shot.

Didn't you get a copy of that video on VHS? I have no idea where the original is.

Wreck said...

Hmm, if I did it would be at my parent's place for sure. I'll ask my Mom.

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