Thursday, April 30, 2009

Post Kaden Riding

Getting back into the swing of things post Kaden is difficult on two fronts. One I want to spend as much time with him as possible and two when I do go out that means Crystal is flying solo. Granted now that I am back to work she is getting a lot more experience with the latter, but the former is still a tough go. This past Saturday I set out to get some pedal time in with Grant even if it was very brief.

He showed up bright eyed and bush tailed at 9am and we were two wheels rolling soon after. We decided to take the tried and true route through U of R and ended up in the Southside where we crept our way along Riverside Dr. Eventually we crossed the river back to the northern side of the city and made our way west to Château du Tabib. All in we put in around 24 miles in what ended up being just over two hours. The weather was hot, but breezy enough to make for the perfect blend of comfort.
Grant showing up to ride
Grant rolling
Grant and I rolling
Top of Riverside
Cool old car
Group shot
Saddle shot

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Grant said...

Twas a good one. I'm looking forward to riding more (and early) this summer.

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