Thursday, May 7, 2009

Resolute Weapons of Battle

Wanted: Weapons of Fate
What started as a comic that I didn't read and was made into a movie that was supposed to be no where near as good as the comic. Has now become a game that was a damn good rental. This game was a lesson in building two or three game mechanics that work really well and then running with them for 5 to 6 hours. The plot would be confusing if you had not seen the film and the voice over work is spot on enough to not get in the way of the action. It all boils down to curving bullets and Max Payne style bullet time mixed with cover mechanics. The cover mechanic feels on par with Gears of War and the addition of melee attacks over thin cover is very satisfying. By the time I got five hours the game began to stale, but thankfully it came to an end shortly after. Like I said killer rental.

G.I. Joe: Resolute
I first heard about Resolute after the live action G.I. Joe trailer was released and I was extremely underwhelmed. Other folks who were similarly distraught by what appeared to be a kick in the teeth to the franchise of our youth, posted Resolute previews in response. Resolute is written by comic author extraordinaire Warren Ellis. It has an anime feel and is mature themed for it's violence, but in general just tells a good story. The series is available on adult swim and all over youtube as well. It would great to see the series picked up as a follow up movie sequel, ongoing TV series or even just released on DVD or BlueRay.

Battle Royale
This film was brought up at our first D&D night, among many other topics, but for some reason it stuck with me. So the following day I found* a copy and watched it. The story is adapted from a popular manga and takes place in an alternative reality Japan. This Japan is a police state whose adults think is being undermined by the next generation of teens. So once a year they hold a lottery to select one 9th grade class to travel to an island and fight each other to the death. The last teen standing is the winner and their reward is there life. The film has big cult classic appeal and the none of the B grade special effects look bad enough to ruin the suspension of disbelief. Definitely worth picking up if your in the mood for some campy film fun.

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