Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recycled Content

Some how I missed the fact that Blizzard was recycling their old content with greater frequency when the first instance in Wraith of the Lich King was Naxxramas. Granted it could be that it was the only instance I had never been too prior to WotLK. It felt right, the vast majority of the population missed out on the level 60 version, as it butted up to Burning Crusade by less than six months. So why not show everyone what they missed out on, continuity be damned. The recycled instance was one thing, but reusing the same recolored tier 3 gear felt a little lazy. Granted it was gear that looked cool when it came out two years prior, but still lazy.

This spring Ulduar (patch 3.1) was released as a real meat and potatoes instance. All new art for the dungeon, bosses and gear. Really cool stuff. When Trial of the Crusader (patch 3.2) was announced it felt a little too soon after the release of 3.1. My guild had already cleared Ulduar, but it looks like the vast majority hasn't, 6,450 out of 19,521 as of today. Technically only 148 guilds have killed all of the bosses. At this point we are clearing normal Trial bosses and then heading back into Ulduar to work on hard modes every raid week.

Back to the topic of recycled content. Outside the fact that the Trials instance feels lazy, no trash, not much story and recycled WotLK mobs for bosses, the gear is a creative rehash. Horde shaman tier 9 as an example feels like a mix of tier 1 and the dungeon set. Creatively bland is how I would describe it when compared to tier 6, 7 and 8 that came before it. Mind you as long as there are new boss mechanics that most of the WoW population has never seen the lazy gear recycling is a minor complaint. Que the re-release of Onyxia (patch 3.2.2) coming to a WoW server near you. It will be re-tuned for level 80, offer up recycled tier 1/2 art and drop a mount. All of that sounds kinda lame save the 310% speed mount. I have been into the Broodmother's den way to many times then I care to count.

I hope all of this fluff content is a smoke screen for a killer Icecrown instance this winter.

2D Goggles
Is a blog and comic about the fictional adventures of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace by Sydney Padua. It is an experiment in comics, story telling and alternate history. Though they (comics) are not released that frequently it is interesting to see the process explained. Much of the dialogue is inspired by the actual letters and personal accounts of Babbage and Lovelace. Great stuff for a geek who has a large gap in their understanding of geek history. I have never been a biography kind of guy, but I think I might make an exception for Babbage and/or Lovelace.

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