Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Uncharted Zombie Gear

Metal Gear Solid 4
Some how despite not liking the story or game play in MGS4 I played through twenty hours of it to beat it. The same complaints I had about Metal Gear 3 still hold true. The story is long winded and convoluted to no purpose. Characters speak in monologue instead of addressing each other directly and go off on wild philosophical tangents that do not move the story forward or make sense given the context. The game play feels dated and gives the sense that I am "doing it wrong" when simple mechanics like stealth attacks feel clunky and unusable. The majority of my time was spent treating it like a shooter. The game does shine in the graphics department, the models, textures and animations are some of the best I have seen to date. Yes, it is pretty, but how the hell did this game garner a 94 on metacritic?

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Though this game was very short (I finished it in one night) it was concentrated goodness from start to finish. Think interactive action film, there is no shortage of big explosion, daring escapes and hair raising leaps of faith. The dialogue is very well written and always appropriate to the current situation unfolding. The characters are believable, funny and easy to root for. Gameplay is everything that MGS4 is not, the controls are crisp, the melee feels brutal and the cover mechanic works as you would expect. Though the levels are very narrow the graphics don't make the experience feel like a single path. The jungles feel alive and interact as such. Drake, the main character has what seems like a million different animations and they all blend together smoothly. Not that it is meaningful, but some how this game got an 88 on metacritic. Both scores are good, but Uncharted is markedly better than MGS4.

The trailers for this film do not do it justice. I was expecting to be mildly entertained by a film we choose as the lesser of October movie release evils and was slapped in the face by a comedy that was crazy good. Though opening with a little more gore than Crystal is comfortable with, the humor that juxtaposes the blood makes for a good balance. The plot is simple enough, zombie outbreak leaves survivors surviving in a United States that is a shadow of it's former self. Where the film really takes off is it's small cast and their ability to bring humor to horrific situations. Jesse Eisenberg stars as a shut in college gamer (WoW cameo) who through his already loner life style and list of rules has managed to survive. The list keeps reappearing through out the film as he meets the rest of the cast and they come across different zombie related scenarios together. I won't go into to much more, because you really should see it for yourself.

Spoiler below...
Bill Murray as himself in this film is simply amazing.

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