Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Our home was built in 1954, when ice cream cost a nickel and bathrooms were the spokespersons for the atomic color pallet. While I do cordon off a place in my mind for an appreciation of vintage design, our bathrooms have found no quarter there. Thankfully our kitchen was striped of it's presumed mustard finish long before we moved in. The bathrooms, I'm afraid, still cling to their respective rose and mint finishes like the petrified instruments of a basilisk victim in a tomb long forgotten.

Four years did they stand and four years did we abhor them. No more, I am pleased to say, well not the downstairs lavatory at least. Over our holiday vacation we went about remodeling our bathroom from a bygone era. The whole process started out by bringing in a contractor to reglaze the old salmon tile to a glossy snow white. It took collectively 4 days for him to complete it. Day one was cleaning and tile repair. Day two was spray prep and spraying primer. Day three was spraying the resin and clear coat. Finally, day four, Christmas Eve, was removing the masking and final touches. The whole process seemed like something I would never want to attempt on my own and well worth the money we spent to have it done.

The follow up to the new color was pulling our old pink toilet and flooring up and sending them to the bottom of the sea in cement footy pajamas. Once they were gone we set about scraping the floor for three days in a row to remove the old adhesive and get back down to the original sub-floor. It was a labor intensive, pain is the ass job, that I would have gladly paid someone to do had I the foresight. Once it was done though the new flooring went down easy and the new toilet soon followed.

Crystal painted on my first day back to work and the room really started to come together. We still have a new sink faucet, toilet paper roll and shower head to install. OK, so the shower head is going to be a bit more work. In an attempt to remove the old shower head Crystal and I might have shattered the old plastic plumbing at it's base. How we are going to fix that is still a known unknown, but we are ruminating.

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Grant said...

Very nice. Especially glad to see the old, low toilet gone. Looks bigger and brighter with the salmon gone, too.

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