Wednesday, March 17, 2010

D&D Shows

No, not the cartoon. The reason I got into D&D almost a year ago now was a special edition of the WotC D&D podcast that featured Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins, Scott Kurtz and later Wil Wheaton. It lead to me playing in a local game with friends and ultimately DMing my own virtual game. I subscribed to the WotC podcast and have enjoyed some of them, but have been bored by others. Listening to people talk about D&D is some how less interesting than hearing them play it. While that seems odd, it has held true so far.

In that vein, I have been watching the writers of Robot Chicken play with DM Chris Perkins as of late. Yet again in the very same vein, the blog, DnD with Porn Stars has been turned into a web based reality TV show (I Hit It With My Axe). It will run at the Escapist and premieres today in fact. I'm sure the focus of the show will tip towards the attractive women, but hopefully it can offer some good game/nerd moments as well.

Now if the Penny Arcade 4e game would just make it's way to the web in the form of something more robust than the twitter feed. Though that idea has already been shot down, one can dream.

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