Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Hit It With My Axe - Ep1 Review

After our raid last night, I curled up to watch I Hit It With My Axe episode one. The first hurdle I encountered was the poor production quality though. Maybe my expectations were tarnished by watching Robot Chicken 19 & 20 first. They (RC) were filmed in HD, with multiple cameras and are mic'ed with lavalieres. By comparison IHiwMA (eww that's an ugly acronym) looks like a home movie. If you are going to film super attractive women (Mandy Morbid...yum), don't make me watch them on grainy video. It is not unwatchable, but they could use a few lights, another camera and a tripod. The audio was better than the video, but there was some occasional popping and feedback that made my skin crawl.

While the audio and visual quality are important, content is king. Maybe it is the nature of the introduction show, but the whole thing seemed very disjointed. They introduced everyone, but there was no narrative. References were made to past in game events that were not explained and no topic broached was expounded upon (rolling their characters, the minis they would be using, character backgrounds, etc). Maybe it was the editing, but I have no clue what the overall game will be like from what I saw last night. Oh and we didn't meet the DM/Cameraman. I know the hook is that they are female porn stars playing D&D, but it would have been nice to meet the dude behind the camera and DM screen as well.

I think the next episode will be the make or break for me. If they dive into their game and take me from point a to b with the story I'm in. If it is more of the same from episode one, I'll take my time and attention elsewhere.

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