Thursday, March 11, 2010

Screwpop Tool

I have been hunting for a basic bottle opener key chain for for the better part of 2009 and into 2010 (pronounced twenty ten). Sure I could go with a shark or race car with a penchant for bottled spirit penetration, but I want for more. I discovered Planet Pocket Tool in the process, but they are pricey and you have to check your RSS feeds by the second to secure one. Today though, the keychain Gods did smile upon me. The Screwpop, while not the best name, is exactly what I want from a keychain. A perfect blend of form and function, rather four parts function.

[Via Make]


Grant said...

Elegantly done. I especially like that the tool sans screwdriver insert functions as a hex. There may not be too many everyday uses for a 1/4" hex, but supha-nice.

I've had my eye out for a locking blade and a decent pair of scissors in an inexpensive package. My keychain Swiss Army knife is falling apart on me, and I don't enjoy the non-locking blade.

Grant said...

Here's another possibility for you:

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