Thursday, July 29, 2010


My relationship with the Kick-Ass movie went through an arc much like a roller coaster. Starting at the top of "I must see this movie" and then plunging to the depths of "I wouldn't watch it at gun point". Then back up to "Meh, I'll see it on DvD". Well after final getting a chance to read the comic I am sold on the movie.

...Spoilers be warned...

Though short, the story is a fantastic taste of most every comic nerd's fantasy to suit up in cape and cowl. It deals with the harsh realities of what that entails, when the main character is beaten and stabbed to near death the first time he decides to fight crime. The book is not all dark and grime though, there is plenty of humor and fist pumping moments as well.

As you may have noticed from the picture at the top the book is gory, the creators don't pull punches when it comes to fight scenes. Mind you it is about what fighting crime might actually be like, versus what you normally see in comics. Gory or not the art is great, clean lines when they have to be and fast and loose when it is called for.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes that the story continues sooner than later and that the movie can stand up to the comic that spawned it.

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