Friday, September 3, 2010

Rethinking My Fashion

This post should be titled rethinking my clothing choices, both business and casual, in there entirety. Lately I have been expending a fare amount of my leisure time reading and following some fashion blogs. An activity kicked off by my discovery of the videos series entitled Put This On. What spawned out of that was information gathering about men's fashion the likes of which my eyes have ever seen.  Below are some of the highlights of said research...

Put This On - The bible for my little trip down fashion lane.  Incredibly well done videos, advice, pictures and even the occasional link to a sweet deal.  The host (Adam and Jesse) of said blog and videos were both known to me already, which is what lead me down this path in the first place.

Less Gentle Men - A blog by Wale O. (gentleman pictured above) and others.  More pictures of looks to aspire to than actual advice, but a fair mix of the two.

The Sartorialist - This blog first required that I look up the meaning of sartorial.  Once I got beyond my vocab lesson I got to enjoy pictures that have inspired and shaped the goal of where I want to be with my own fashion.

Too many years of my adult life have been spent schlubbing around in untucked golf shirts and poor fitting khakis chinos. To semi-formal events no less.  A few years back I got my business dress partially under control.  Dress shirts and dress slacks (suit pants?).  Sadly my casual dress did not come along for the ride.  It's in need of a major overhaul.  So I have a plan...

My Business Docket

  • Better fitting pants and shirts (a.k.a. find a seemstress)
  • Better shoes
  • Better accessories (watch, belt, etc)
  • Find a nice grey suit
  • Find 
My Casual Docket

  • Find a nice tan or tweed sport coat
  • Better fitting shorts
  • Better fitting chinos
  • Better shoes
  • Find button down shirts that are flat at the waist

Mind you this only touches on some of the items I want to address.

Bonus Round...A quote from Tom Ford via LessGentle Men:
“Americans have grown too accustomed to being comfortable. I find a different kind of comfort when I know I look good.”


Grant said...

I could get behind a style like this: . For me the question is how to dress smartly without looking foppish, anachronistic, or like the company boss.

Ethan said...

Not sure how full-featured a tailor you're looking for, but George's Alterations right there in Gayton Crossing is a good one. Excellent work, dirt cheap.

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