Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat

Traditionally Halloween is a one day affair. Put on a costume, ring a few door bells and eat some candy. This year we decided to bump it out to a full three day weekend. Friday night, while I was off rolling dice, Crystal and her Mom took Kaden to a Halloween festival at a local church. There were all kinds of activities, candy and games for him. I got home after it was all done, but from the sounds of it he had a blast.

Saturday morning Kaden had a play date with Jake at Gayton Crossing's Halloween Festival. They both dressed up, as Tigger and a shark respectively. They got to see unicycles, clowns, helicopters and fire engines. While having lunch at Stuffy's they were fascinated by an member of the Henrico County Police that was eating there too. So much so that the office returned and brought them each a police car.

Saturday afternoon we took him up to Innsbrook for another Halloween event. It end up being a bust though, no actives and a smattering of kids and parents just sitting around. We left as fast as we arrived and went to Short Pump to play and walk around instead. Nothing much going on there either, but he rode the train for the first time.

Sunday morning we lounged around the house and carved his pumpkin. We watched football in the afternoon and in the evening all of the family came over. Pizza was ordered and we ate while planning the trick or treating route. Following diner we suited Tigger and the Penguin up and went cruising for candy. The original plan was to hit four houses and come home, but he end up having so much fun we went to twenty-ish instead.

Fun moments included, Kaden refusing to give up his candy bucket no matter how heavy it got. Him saying "Happy Halloween", "Trick or Treat", "Thank you" and "Goodbye" at every house we went to. Getting adult candy at one house (full movie sized box of Reese's Pieces). I knew we were going to enjoy Halloween this year, but I never imagined we would have as much fun as we did.

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