Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Rundown

The four days we get off for Thanksgiving every year are always busy, sleepless and full of stress. They are also a ton of fun. This year was no different...

Not a day off, but Crystal had a half day and took Kaden out to Rockville to see his great grandparents. Kaden played and eventually took a nap. Crystal helped prepare food for the following days festivities.

We were up at 7:30 am something I regretted all day. It was with good reason though. We wanted Kaden to get as much time with his cousins as possible. So arriving Rockville at 9 am did just that. The boys played for three hours before lunch, napped and played for two more hours after. The spread was very traditional, turkey and and the fixings. Ladies and kids in the dining room and men and football in the den.

At 5pm we left Rockville and made our way to my parent's place for meal number two. Another traditional spread. Between the two meals I could put together an all star Thanksgiving meal to rival any in the nation I'm sure. Post turkey coma numero deux we played with Kaden till it was time for bed. He stayed over with my parents so Crystal and I could go Black Friday shopping.

Crystal went to bed Thursday night, but Friday started for me at midnight. I never go to sleep in anticipation of standing in line with strangers at 4am to save 10% off goods I could get online for almost as cheap Black Friday. At this point it is a tradition that has been going on for 6-7 years. My brother and I head to Best Buy together, regardless of the hot hot deals they have. Find something we each want and stand in line from 4am till they open to get it. It is a fun way to hang out and we get to grab breakfast afterward.

In years past I went home to sleep the rest of the day and Crystal has shopped for up to ten hours. This year she cut the shopping short at four hours and took Kaden to play with his cousins one more time. It was great that all three boys got along so well. It makes us wish everyone lived closer together.

Up early again to head to Crewe, VA to see even more family Saturday. Everyone napped on the way out and back. I napped a grand total of four times before lunch. Old age and not sleeping are catching up with me it seems. Lunch was at Country Cookin, not my favorite place, but a good excuse to eat Chicken Fried Chicken. I love saying and typing that, eating isn't so bad either.

The only slow day among the three. We put up the Christmas tree and watched football while we played in the house all day. We had our normal diner at my parent's place and got ready to go back to work. The rest is in the pictures...

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