Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MMA Tournaments Work

They work in the sense that they get me excited for fights I'd usually just read about. Do I care that a former pride fighter I had never heard of (Kharitonov) was going to fight Andrei Arlovski? No, I could careless. The Pitbull and his glass chin are past their collective prime. He is no longer a draw. Throw both of their names in a tournament bracket though and I am engrossed.

Saturday kicked off Strikeforce's heavyweight (225 lbs. plus) grand-prix with a bang. A legend (Fedor) was toppled, not caught (Werdum), but toppled (Silva). The rest of the tournament is shaping up to be just as good. The sum of the parts is what makes it great though. Put those fighters in random cards and it falls apart. Structure them in a bracket and it is must see TV.

Which leads me to the point of all this. When is the UFC going to adopt the grand-prix? Strikeforce seems destine to play second fiddle with graying veterans, celebrity exhibitions and contract hold outs. I want to see the top tier go at it March madness style. There are enough weight classes now (7) that they could space them out enough to not make them meaningless. Two a year would be a big draw and the finalist could get a shot at the title.

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