Tuesday, March 8, 2011

With Phone

Years of plotting and scheming to get an iPhone in our home never bore fruit. My wife can see right through me when it comes to technology. My techno wants and desires usually change once a month anyway. So she adopted a strategy of waiting out my goldfish brain. As soon as he sees a new shiny, he will forget the old one.

It was effective, but I never got over the iPhone. I certainly had peaks and valleys, but it would come up once every six months without fail. Two now dead iPod Touches didn't quench my desire nor help my cause. How could I be expected to care for a more expensive phone if I left other devices out in the rain. I wouldn't trust me either.

Time passed though and technologies from the turn of the century finally caught up with my lovely bride. She started talking about the virtues of having a smartphone and specifically an iPhone. To check her Facebook on the road or get her email at the mall. Who was this woman? Not wanting to spoil a miracle from above, I just shook my head as if all of these ideas she was offering were new and wondrous to me.

I crossed my fingers near 10,000 times in the lead up to the announcement of the iPhone on Verizon. All of the rumors said it was a sure thing, but I wanted to do my part as well. All that superstition paid off when it was finally announced. Fast forward to February 10th, 2011 and we are the brand new owners of iPhone 4s. Finally out from under the thumbs of our parents phone plans (6 years in the making) and made real the technology I have coveted for so long.

Now a month of iPhone ownership under our collective belts and it is everything I dreamed. For my bride it is everything and more. Her not knowing she actually wanted one until three months ago. We are rolling deep in apps and games and burning through data faster than we are anytime minutes. Life is in the future is good.

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