Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday on Studley

At this point the country roads of Goochland and rolling hills of Riverside are well tread by Pant's tires. I think I've worn a grove into Patterson Ave to be honest. So when I get to roll on new paths it is always a pleasure. On Saturday I met up with the brothers Brick for a ride north east of our city. We piled into Landon's car and landed at parking lot by Atlee Rd. and Chamberlayne. The lot was nearly empty when we arrived and we were two wheels rolling by 3:20p.

The roads were low on traffic and high on hills. We stuck mostly to our cue sheet despite trying to get us lost on two occasions. What finally did us in was poor road planning, not website logic. We had to huff it for a half mile and a massive hill on Mechanicsville Turnpike at the half way point. We noted our mistake for next time and spun back to the car. What we found was a classic car show that had engulfed Landon's Buick. All around us were hot rods and shinned chrome.

The rest is in the pictures...

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