Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Riding with my Bride

June has been an exceptional month for Tabib cycling. Never before have I been on so many rides with my lovely wife. Prior to Kaden, riding was something Crystal enjoyed, but was not passionate about. We were both overweight too. So were I would push past my plump pounds to get on the road every weekend, she would simply pass. Post Kaden, even if she wanted to ride it was a matter of finding a babysitter.

Now that we are each 13% lighter, exercise has become enjoyable and routine. I am running 3-4 times a week. She is walking and Tae Bo-ing the same amount. So when we get a free weekend morning together, we go for a ride. In June we had the chance to do that three times. Putting in 68 miles for the month. Easily Crystal's most logged ever and also breaking her longest ride, at 32 miles this past Sunday. I was extremely  impressed by her the whole ride. I hope we get the chance to break her miles in a month record in July.

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