Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Review: July 7th & 8th

Every weekend there are new sights, sounds, and taste to consume. There are other sensory inputs that tickle my brain too, but saying there is stuff to feel sounds creepy. This is a journal of my weekend endeavors. Enjoy!

Discover the Dinosaurs
Friday night we went to the Richmond Raceway for a dinosaur event Crystal heard about on the radio. They boasted a laundry list of activities for kids (e.g. face painting, moon bounce, etc). It seemed like a decent way to spend an evening. The fifteen dollars a person tickets was steep, but if we spent a few hours there and we could get our moneys worth. The first half of our time was spent with a mixed bag of animatronic dinosaurs. Some looked new, others had tears in their rubber hides or did not operate upon button press.

The second half was the activities and to our surprise, was not included in the $40 we had already paid. Eight dollars for face painting, six dollars for 10 minutes in the moon bounce and a gift shop.We spent a $40 to look at shitty dinosaurs for 20 minutes and then waited in line for 15 minutes so our son could jump in the moon bounce for 10 minutes at an additional cost. Blue Star Productions set the perfect money trap for parents. The cost of the activities post "museum" quality dinosaurs was not visible at the exterior ticket booth or talked about on the radio. It felt dirty. We won't be going back and we will spread the word to friends and family to avoid it as well.

Spec Ops: The Line
After this game was in production for what felt like a decade I was surprised to see that it had finally came out. I had no intention of playing it until favorable comments on the Giant Bombcast swayed me mid week. I started it up Friday night and I am near close to done with it already. The story and voice acting are pretty good, but take a while to get going. The game looks good, but the game play got tedious really quickly. Worth it to slog through for the story alone, but I don't know that I would recommended it to others.

Hogshead Cafe
After a stellar review on our lunch review bee log and many tasty return trips, Hogshead continues to delight. It is a go to lunch and dinner spot that is conveniently located and that we can usually get a table at. The food is outstanding and we always leave happy.

Big Boy Bed
We picked up a full size mattress for Kaden this weekend. He choose Avenger sheets for it and has not stopped talking about it since. The whole family can now read books before bedtime all piled into his bed and we are one step closer to getting the house ready for baby number two.

I started a two day free trial on Saturday. Kaden liked hearing new music on their hardcore station (Bad Brains, Black Flag, Misfits, etc), but I didn't see anything worth switching from Pandora ($3/mo) for. At $5 to $10 a month, I need more than a custom playlist I can share with friends, when my music library is already overflowing.

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