Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Review: Mar 2nd & 3rd

Every weekend there are new sights, sounds, and taste to consume. There are other sensory inputs that tickle my brain too, but saying there is stuff to feel sounds creepy. This is a weekly journal of my weekend endeavors. Enjoy!

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66
I know I am getting old. My kids have slowed me down by making me hell of busy and my hair is escaping from the top of my head at an alarming rate. When my two year old Asics gave up the ghost a month ago, I decided the best move was to just get the same exact shoe again. Cause I'm old. I couldn't find them anywhere online, granted I did not look very hard. So I had to pick out something new. Hence the kicks linked above. I dig them hard.

Bourbon Sidamo
Saturday was the celebration of Mike's birthday and of the release of Hardywood's bourbon barrel Sidamo coffee stout. Mike was kind enough to host the events in the same venue. We raised our glasses to the man of the hour, drank our fill of craft beer and munched on food truck treats.Where the regular coffee stout has a strong, but not over powering coffee flavor, the bourbon aged one makes room to mix coffee and bourbon. It is well matched blend that tasted delicious at 10.3 ABV.

Admittedly, when Ethan told me about a new mail app for iOS I turned up my nose. The Gmail app Google put out a while ago is pretty great. Clean and a more applicable interface than the built in "Mail" app from Apple. Mailbox also came with a cheap marketing trick in the form of a waiting list to use it. You can download the application, but it will throw you in a queue. I had 300,000 people in front of me. I buried the app on the back page of my phone, checked it once or twice and forgot about it.

A text from Ethan two weeks later let me know he got in. Which meant my time in the queue would be short lived. When I did get in I decided it was worth trying out. Turns out it solves a problem I hardly knew I had. I use my inbox first as a way to communicate and second as a make shift to do list. Always starring emails I need to take action on and leaving them in my inbox until I do. It means I sit at around 10-15 emails usually. Inbox zero is a rarity, only showing it's face once or twice a year when the stars align. Mailbox has changed that. I can send away to-do emails, to only return at a time of my choosing. I have been at inbox zero for a week and it is like a pressure lifted off my shoulders.

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