Monday, April 21, 2008

2008 On Two Wheels

Mid ride yesterday Grant wondered out loud if Spring had ever been this rainy. This question was posed after three of the last four rides were in the rain. I pondered the thought momentarily and responded that "we never really rode this much before". The real point being the consistency with which we have ridden since February 2nd.

Like clockwork weekend rides have been a matter of when not if for the past two months and change. We started on a whim at the beginning of February and had so much fun the first Saturday that we made it a bit of a tradition. We have started to extend our riverside loop and yesterday found a perfect loop from the Fan to Fort Harrison that will be added to our roster. A forum of sorts has been reestablished so we can plan rides without the encumbrance of lengthy email chains. Reddish Knob is on deck for this spring (or summer) and Williamsburg repeat is a guarantee for this summer as well.

Getting back in to cycling has been a breathe of fresh air. For the last two to three years I have admittedly ridden maybe once or twice a month in between annual big rides that I was not prepared for (Lake Anne, Williamsburg and Lake Chesdin). Being on the bike every weekend and making cycling a big part of my life again not only better prepares me for the big rides, but makes me ambitious. Russ is a 100-300k machine and invites us to join him on a regular basis. Sometime this year I will take him up on those offers.

I started reading Queen and Country this weekend and it did not disappoint. I made the mistake of picking up two volumes of the "Declassified" side story trades on my first trip to the local comic shop. I went back to my LCS and picked up vol. 1 of the regular story and now can't seem to find vol. 2. To Amazon I go!

Big fight over the weekend that I missed for dinner and a movie. St. Pierre avenged his previous loss to Matt Serra in a big way and came out the UFC welterweight champ. I admittedly like Serra, but a I have huge man crush on the Canadian champ.

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Grant said...

It's true. At 18, we probably rode more often during the week, but the consistency is unprecedented.

Osbourne is a beautiful diversion from Rt. 5 for those trying to head east out of the city without the interstate.

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