Friday, April 25, 2008

Forgetting Arrested Blood

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
It wasn't till after I saw this film that I realized Jason Segel who stared in it also wrote it. Which means he also wrote in 2-3 dong scenes for himself. Yes, I said dong scenes so don't go to this movie with your parents unless you want to have an awkward conversation afterwards. Mule flaunting aside this movie had Crystal and I in stitches. It definitely follows the form of other Apatow films (Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin, etc) before it so if you are not a fan you might want to pass. Forgetting goes for a lot of shocking and sometimes cheap gags, but has enough heart to not just be a shocking and cheap gag movie.

Arrested Development (plot)
I am miles behind the bandwagon on this series. It is not that I dismissed everyone who recommended or went on ad nauseum about how hilarious it was. I just haven't watched a ton of TV for the past 4-5 years. Well thanks to "the internets" I can now watch the show on all 19 amazing inches of my computer monitor. I have watched about half of the first season and I can easily see what all the fuss was about. The writing is gut punch humor with spots of sincerity that make you care about characters that are self absorbed with a dash of crazy most of the time. The actors on the show really shine sans Alia Shawkat who pales in comparison to her child co-star Michael Cera's performance. There is a rumored film staring all of the original cast coming in 2009 so I would recommend watching it as soon as you can.

There Will Be Blood (plot)
Let me preface my mini review and say that this is a movie you have to be in the mood to see. Crystal fell asleep about 45 minutes into the movie which is not to say it lacks in any way. But, that Crystal falls asleep during her favorite TV shows when they go to commercial, so she should not be the barometer for entertainment quality to sleep ratios. Daniel Day-Lewis is stellar in this film, his performance is jaw dropping at times and I can easily see how he won best actor for this role. The film as a whole is a bit slow paced and felt like it ran a bit long for what it was trying to say and do. Scenes take a while to build, but payoff every time and the ending is absolutely fantastic. A must watch when you are willing to give over your time and attention for 2 hours and 38 minutes.

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