Monday, April 28, 2008

Still Bullish on Hockey

This weekend was a sedentary blast. While that might not sound pleasant, it was nice to spend two days lazing about amid weekends packed with physical exertion and errand filled schedules. Friday night we went out to the movies (Baby Mama FTW) even though the Penguins were on (DVR FTW). When I got home I watched fast forwarded highlights of the best game I have seen in the 2008 playoffs yet. The Pens were down three goals to none and made a comeback to win 5-4 in the last two minutes of play.

Saturday was window installation day. The time frame to arrive was 9a to 12p and it was slated to take 2-3 hours to install. Of course they did not show till 11:30a so I waited for and hung around with the installers for five hours. This meant no bike ride and a bunch of TV and video games. Not the most eventful morning and afternoon, but I played about a million rounds of the NHL 08 demo for the 360. So much so that I went out later that night and picked up the actual game. I also caught the Avs vs Red Wings game at 3pm while I was reading new comics (see below). After going out for an interesting dinner with Crystal and her friend I came back home to watch more DVR fast forwarded hockey (Flyers v Canadiens).

Sunday was more of the same as I got to sleep in and play fake hockey (NHL 08) till real hockey came on 3pm (Pens v Rangers gm2). Is it me or does the once loved and now hated Jágr have a Hitler stache? After a 3rd period filled with heartburn (two late penalty kills) the Penguins won and it was off to dinner at the parents. Hockey is really starting to grow on me to the point that I may buy a season package from my cable company next season.

Frustrated by my desire to buy comics local for as long as possible and the lack of trade selection at my current store, I went to a new one Saturday afternoon. They didn't have any Queen and Country, let alone volume two, but they did have all of Y: The Last Man. I picked up volumes one and two and was on my way. Y is a great read and my hang ups with the art in Queen are nonexistent with Y.

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