Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Opening the Vault: DoD

My rocky affair with Day of Defeat has been on again, off again since the summer of 2002. The first computer I built with my own two hands was lashed together with the sole purpose of playing DoD and Medal of Honor: AA. After playing both I ended up picking MOHAA primarily for a two year span. From there it was back a forth with all manner of games, but the rock that was always there for me was Day of Defeat.

When source came out in the fall of 2005 my friends and I ramped up to compete and played for about a year before going dormant and then came back in early 2007 to do it yet again. Well apparently the beast has slumbered for far to long. As of yesterday we woke it up, dusted it off and put it in a tuxedo for another season of competitive play. Like a slumped over he-whore in a motel 6 any attempt to bring it back to life will probably end in tears and a bad hang over. That won't stop us from pounding its metaphorical chest for a few months though. We know she he doesn't have a soul, but that doesn't mean we want to go to jail.

The team of guys that will be playing are even more old school than I and we are all on board to just show up and play. Hence our name, J.ust U.p, no practice, no scrimmages, no forums, no stats, just show up. Wish us luck!

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