Friday, May 16, 2008

Fenders, Transform!

When I arrived home yesterday there was large box waiting for me. It would have been like Christmas if I didn't know what it was and it wasn't so damn functional. I have needed fenders in the worst way since completing the check almost two months ago. The majority of the rides I have been on with my new toy have been in the rain or post precipitation. This leaves me covered in rain water at best and a slurry of mud, grease, pesticides and human milkshake at worst. In step the fenders to make my bike slightly less cool, slightly more geeky and supremely functional.

Last night was game four of the Penguins v. Flyers series. So in between the second and third period I set my cell phone alarm and went out to the sun room to install the front fender...

Parts unpacked and spread out
Front fender assembled
Front fender installed (still needs a little tweaking)
Back to hockey with rear fender left wanting
Today is the start of the Lebanese food festival in the far west end. Among other things this weekend I will be grubbing all three days on kibbi, zalabia and shawirma. After dinner at the festival tonight I will hopefully come home and install the rear fender in preparation for a ride tomorrow morning.

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Sam Adam's apart from making a killer beer takes pretty pictures too, especially of bikes.

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Grant said...

Nice work, although I must formally disagree on the relationship of coolness and fenders, for the coolest bikes in the history of the world are the French ones of the mid 20th century (and those built in such a style):

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