Monday, May 19, 2008

Secret Battle of Man

Battlestar Galactica: Season 4
Season one and two of this series escaped me as a bit of a geek sleeper hit. When I finally caught up with them via torrent, warning letter and all, I was hooked. Season three started strong and quickly fell on its face with filler episodes and the dreaded clip show. Thankfully season three got its shit together and banged out a solid 2-3 episode season finale, cliff hanger and all. So I was pumped for the start of season four.

The first episode was right on with the end of season three. There was tension and progress toward questions that had been left unanswered. Apollo seemed to be back on track as a military man with a purpose. Starbuck was slightly crazy yet again and back from the dead. The series seemed back on track. Que episodes three through six which essentially stagnate the plot and feel a lot like the filler from season three. Apollo decides to quit the military again and go into politics (CSPAN in Space). The Cylons go at it in an extremely uneventful civil war and for some reason tons of people trust Baltar again as a leader of a cult. Lame! Episode seven seems to be getting back to the main plot again, but it feels like it should have been two shows ago.

Secret History of the American Empire
Secret is the follow up to John Perkins's Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, which I finished back in December of 2007. Where Confessions was a history of John's life as a professional paid to deceive and in debt third world countries to the US, Secret is the aftermath to that life. It is a much more socialist take on the world that at times comes into conflict with some of the basic capitalist views I lean toward. The jumps back into his past are just as good as confessions, but when he talks up the present it feels a bit preachy.

I am more than half way through the audio book, which is about 12 hours long and the occasional talk about creating a moralistically pure future for "the children" hasn't dissuaded me yet. Overall it is another fantastic piece of writing by Perkins. I'll have final thoughts on the book soon I am sure, but right now it is barely falling short of Confessions which I enjoyed a great deal.

Y: The Last Man
This is a comic everyone who heard I was reading Preacher recommended to me as a follow up almost automatically. It is the same edgy independent (read: not capes and cowls) plot type that Preacher thrived on, without the over the top shock value. Y is the story of a plague that kills all of the males on earth save a young man named Yorick (the Y) and his pet (male) monkey. I am only four volumes in to the trades (10 total) and loving them. The art is fantastic and is only topped by the writing and plot. Where Preacher was a book I would only recommended to men, Y is a book I would recommended to any adult who wasn't too worried about people knowing they read comics.

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