Monday, May 5, 2008

To Harrison We Go

Saturday morning, the traditional ride day for my people, was once again celebrated with travel on two wheels. Mike and I set out at noon to roll from the north side to Fort Harrison. About a mile or so in it was apparent that Mike's bike was determined to sound like an out of tune violin. The man needed lube and not the kind you keep in your sock drawer. So it was off to Re-cycles for chain squeak relief.

We put in around 32 miles all in and the weather was great for it, the pictures below can tell the rest of the tale...

Applying the lube
Where we meet the cute, but sleepy Re-cycle's pug
And saw a slick bike
My check and stars
Mike's Bianchi and stars
A rider with a full load
Mike and I on Dock St.
My check at Fort Johnson
Group shot before leaving Fort Harrison
My Brooks at 711
RVA from route 5
Mike finishing the Main St. climb
Kibbie sandwiches from Mezza
The Z!


Grant said...

Nice work, fellas.

Where'd you find those two big ole stars?

Wreck said...

It is the cobble stone part of Dock St. Where my light flipped over when we rode to Ft. Harrison in the rain two Sundays ago.

Mehtul... said...

Grandma Nice, Girlfriend Try Kill Me. (It used to say that above the stars years ago. I guess time ate away the white paint)

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