Friday, May 2, 2008

Solo is Lonely

While an entire post about the lonely path of fandom for the blockbuster hit barely notable film Solo could be intriguing to some, those aren't the pants this bee-logger wears. Mario Van Peebleities aside I don't like solo bicycle rides. It is not because of rides like the disastrous solo Good Friday ride I took a little more than a month ago. In fact some might say that my generally antagonistic view of the worlds populace would make me more prone to going it alone on two wheels.

It may come as a surprise, but I actually like my friends. I like getting out on the road and talking up politics, culture, blue humor and anything else that might spark our interest. Riding in a paceline (pullin' and peelin') and having someone along to shout out "car back" are nice, but it is the company I prefer. Solo riding is a lonely activity that may be nice for some who prefer "getting away from the world", but it is an exercise in mental anguish that seems more like work to me. Solo cycling as transportation is a different story. Getting from A to B on your lonesome has its merits for sure. Going for a loop by yourself to relax is where I tend to draw the line though.

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I blogged many moons ago about my epic fail with the table top game War Hammer 40k. I think what I really fell for was painting the miniatures, as actually playing was kind of an afterthought. This geeky craft love often springs up in the form of model railroad fantasies with my unborn son, daughter, no son child. It also manifest itself in cups of drool for cool action figures. Which brings me to Wired's article on Jin Saotome's amazing custom action figures. Jin (a pen name) creates some of the wildest and detailed action figures through a process of re-purposing, mixing and modding a myriad of action figure parts. He creates a lot of his own pieces too and more of his work can be seen on his site.

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Mehtul... said...

You most likely will not see me on solo distance rides. I whole heartedly agree the companionship rules supreme. I say this only because I get my solo on during my 18 minute commute in the mornings and evenings. There is something to be said about the early morning isolation.

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