Friday, June 6, 2008

Marriage and Married

Minister: Do you?
Lone Starr: Yes
Minister: Do you?
Princess Vespa: Yes
Minister: GOOD, you're married. KISS HER!

Grant and Erin are gonna get hitched on Saturday and Crystal and I will be right in the thick of it. I'm a groomsmen, so I hold it down at the front of the church in Grant's wingspan. Crystal has a much more important job, she is the MC (Mistress of Ceremonies) and unlike Kid 'n Play she will not be on tha mic flowin to the wheels of steel care of Martin Lawrence. She runs the show and makes sure Grant and Erin have the best and stress free wedding possible. Saturday is supposed to be in the three digits, wish us look in tuxedo pants and coats.

Wednesday this week was Crystal and my anniversary. We celebrated three years of married bliss by going out for Italian (fitting given our honeymoon in Rome/Venice). Let me be clear, in that, when I say "bliss" I mean it. Non of this ball and chain, life goes down hill after marriage sarcastic crap that is the stuff of bad comedy routines and douchey golf buddy jokes leading up to the big day. Our marriage has been fantastic, we were best friends pre-wedding and still are to this day. Here is to many more with my lovely lady and hopefully some little ones in the near future.

Site Watch
I don't consider myself a etymologist by any means, but I do get the occasional phrase origin questions stuck in my head. I usually just plug the phrase in question into the Googles and see what pops out. More often than not the best answer comes from The Word Detective. Linking this site today was not because of a recent inquire of my own, but Erin's (Grant's bride to be) random thought about the phrase "in a pickle".

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Crystal said...

It has been the best three years of my life :)

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