Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Wreckless or Not...

When I first started tagging in high school I used the name Krimsun. A purposeful miss spelling of the color crimson, clever I know. When I started playing video games more my freshman year of college my gamer handle became Krimsun as well. A few years of underground hip hop and video games later and I changed my nickname to Wreck-Tangle. It was taken from a line from one of my favorite songs...

"Live in stereo sound and very profound
Deeper than a burial ground, I'm aerial bound and shuttin
Comped down as I rock like Charles Dutton
From Gangster Putnam I cut em from every angle
Far from a square cause I wreck when I tangle
Minds I mangle, mic's I strangle in advance
In every circumstance I leave you shook like turbulence"

When Wreck-Tangle became to long behind clan and guild tags I changed it to Wreckless.

Wreckless, as in wreckless driving or a careless nature, as the incorrect spelling of the word. It should be spelled reckless which comes from the base word reck meaning to take heed of or to have caution and is also related to reckon meaning to consider as being; regard. Wreckless as I used it is not really a word, unless you were talking about some futuristic car that could not crash, meaning unable to wreck. The opposite of reckless.

I found this out while word and phrase hunting the other day for Erin's "in a pickle" quandary. I came across a term I had never heard before and a site dedicated to that term. Eggcorns are words that are spelled incorrectly out of ignorance, but actually make sense. "An acorn is more or less shaped like an egg; and it is a seed, just like grains of corn. So if you don’t know how acorn is spelled, egg corn actually makes sense". Wreckless is not actually an eggcorn, but more of a "demi-eggcorn" according to the site.

In any case I will most likely continue using the handle because it would be too much work to reverse the number of times I have used it incorrectly in the past. Makes sense huh? Or not.

There was even a game made with the incorrect spelling of reckless...
Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions

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