Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My God the Heat!

Sunday morning at 6:30 am my alarm woke me to dark room and a tired body. The previous day had been spent from two in the afternoon till ten at night participating in and running portions of Grant and Erin's wedding. Beating the heat with a 7:30 start time Sunday sounded like a solid plan, but my body disagreed. I never had to stop, but it was the most tired I have been on a bike in a very long time. The heat was semi-beat and I was stomped. The rest is in the pictures...
At the half way point when the temperature started to rise
Adam's Surly
Russ's Rivendell
Mike's Bianchi
Fixed Gear Fame
I submitted a fixie I saw and snapped photos of last weekend to the FFG and it got put up yesterday. I'm e-famous on the shoulders of another Richmond resident and a cyclist at that!

Site Watch

There was a great article on wired yesterday about hypermilers that lead me to a more in depth article on the topic at mother jones. It reminded me that I need to get my tires up to the recommended pressure, get a better air filter and change my driving habits. I saw regular unleaded gas for $4.05 a gallon Saturday. Good God!

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