Monday, August 25, 2008

Greens No More

My baby shaman with the new car smell is starting to grow up. Between honor grinding and ten man raid content I have amassed a decent set of healing gear. As of last night I exchanged my final piece of green gear with a purple, Cord of the Ring->Guardian's Ringmail Girdle. First that was a huge upgrade and second I can no longer be mocked for wearing a horrible pun. I still have a cloth helm that needs to be replaced, but it is nice to shift my focus to rings and trinkets.

Just shy of ten months to the date of Zul'Aman's release and my first and only trip to the 2.3 dungeon, I went back in to full clear it this weekend. Granted I was with seasoned vets this time and they were carrying me for the most part, but it was nice to see the instance in its entirety. Even nicer were the 23 badges I picked up and monster healing shield. Hopefully I proved my worth to the nine other guild members who took a chance on me and I will be invited back. Lord knows I could use the other gear that drops there.

Finally a lot of my time has been spent in battle grounds lately, think 95%. When I am not doing dailies for cash I am honor and mark farming the night away. So any break from that norm (see above) is most welcome. Last night we played ten games on our 5v5 team (appropriately nicknamed fail fives) Paper For My Daddy. We end up going 6-4 after a rocky 2-4 start. The team is essentially built to fail with me as the lone healer and two of our DPS speced for PVE. The take away for me is an opportunity to heal under real pressure. Something that doesn't happen when I am playing Xbox while farming marks.

Site Watch
After finding a good 40k community site (forums, guides, etc) I went looking for a news site and found Bell of Lost Souls. It is a great place to keep up with 40k news and rumors and has been added to my list of sites I check daily.

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Fonte said...

Replacing those greens and blues can be both rewarding and frustrating. I've all but given up on my priest, for the moment, who I've been raiding with well before BC. I'll probably play him a lot more once WOTLK comes out and he can switch between specs for free.

Recently I've rolled a hunter alt and though he's only 62, all along the way I'm checking out the rep rewards from the various factions in Outlands. I think that having been through it all before will help because I know now who to grind rep for and I've done all the quests before. Also, I run with a Sunwell guild (not raid, not committed enough) so getting decent groups together (on non-raid nights) isn't usually much of an issues. I can't wait to start hitting the heroics!

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