Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Too Damn Hot

If, then statements tend to explain most situations with a nice little bow...

If (x=hot as the devils knee pit) Then
--we will not ride bikes

--we will ride bikes

End If

Simple enough right. It has been crazy hot in Richmond this July and as such my riding has taken a nose dive. My mileage log is down right embarrassing...

February: 46.6 miles
March: 82.25 miles
April: 121.42 miles
May: 135.22 miles
June: 134.02 miles
July: 39.6 miles

2008 Year to Date: 559.11 miles

August will probably be more of the same unfortunately. The earlier I have to get up to beat the heat the less inclined I am to ride given my proclivity to sleeping in. By ten in the ante meridiem it is already too hot to ride most days anyway.

A google image search of all things hot, heat, steamy, etc yield near naked and fully naked women. Half the search terms you put in have this result, the internet has porn on it, who knew? A search for all things temperature, sun, etc yield pictures that belong on science fair posters. Tough day to find a header.

Slash Played
I was listening to a podcast the other day and heard a discussion about the total amount of time spent in WoW across all of your characters lifetimes (/played). A listener had written in with a total just one day shy of 365, meaning they had spent one human year out of the four years that WoW has been out in the game. Pretty scary to consider. Mine was 85 days and 23 hours across five characters.

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Mehtul... said...

No joke! Heat is hot and no riding is not. Well, other than the daily commuting I have done no recreational cycling. Don't worry, it will cool off eventually so we can take that Surry county overnight camping trip (before labor day for the state park has an awesome pool which feels gr4eat after 65plus miles!).

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