Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mind Dump

Comic-Con and E3 just wrapped up out in California which means there has been a media blitzkrieg for the past two weeks that is just dieing down. Between the podcast, videocast, news sites and trailer sites my nerd shield has been inundated by a flood of the geeky media I love. It is filling like chocolate turkey at Thanksgiving, but at this point it's leaking out of my ear...

Castle Crashers in August
The screens and trailers for this game have been rattling around in my head for ages (two years). It is finally coming out August 27th and hopefully my RRoD machine will be fixed in time to play it. Think Streets of Rage with a better art direction and four player online co-op. If I have to get a second mortgage on the house and buy this game for all of my friends to play with then so be it.

Tron 2 in 2011
That's right it has been 26 years since the first film that I have never seen was released. Beyond a few light cycle flash games there is not a lot I can get excited about from this sequel, well until I saw the bootleg trailer.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009
I am tentative on this movie after the first three films were good, but not great. The trailer at Comic Con did a bit to change my mind, but I am still in a wait and see mode.

Red Sonja in 2010
The 1985 film was less than gosu, but anything that lives in the Conan lore gets me geeked none the less. So why should anyone else get excited about a remake of a bad eighties movie? Because Robert Rodriguez is producing it and the posters with Rose McGowan look bad ass. I hate getting psyched up for movies two years away, but I just can't help it with this one. Oh and this is yet another comic adaptation film coming in the near future, craziness!

Mirror's Edge
Attendees at Comic Con this past weekend were treated to a Mirror's Edge mini comic that was exclusive to the show. Well guess what there is this thing called the internet and it makes things available for everyone. Mirror's Edge is an EA published parkour first person platformer by the way.

WEC This Weekend
This is not info coming out of either event held this month, but the WEC is exciting and on for free this weekend. Damacio Page from TAP Out's reality show is fighting in the undercard and Carlos Condit always puts on a good show.

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