Monday, July 28, 2008

48 Hour Hell Brothers

Step Brothers
Friday night we rolled into the theater to see another Will Ferrell master piece. Granted I am using that term very loosely when talking about a film where there is male nudity in the first thirty minutes, but it is a hilarious none the less. The story is unnecessary for the most part, as it is there to string together sketches that are side splitting funny. Reilly and Ferrell pick up where they left off with Talladega Nights and carry the ridiculousness even further. Don't take your kids, but go see this movie. Boats and Hoes!

48 Hour Film Project
If it were not for Mehtul's participation in the 48 hour film project Crystal and I would have never heard of it. Saturday we went down to Carry St with the intention of seeing Mike's film were pleasantly surprised by everything else that was shown too. It is incredible how much work got done on some of the films with in the allotted time frame. Upon leaving Crystal and I went to Ginger for lunch and my head was spinning with ideas for 48 hour films. Maybe next year I can leech on to Mike, Chuck and Phillip's production or even do my own?

Hellboy Library Ed Vol 1
I am four years behind on my plan to start reading Hellboy, but after seeing the second film this summer I decided to act. Thankfully the library editions from Dark Horse make it easy to get caught up. Volume one collects the first and second Hellboy arcs from 1994 and 1995. The art and writing in this book make me appreciate the films on another level. Mignola crafts a world that is dark and chaotic, with heavy use of shadows in his art and writing that seems to come from ancient text. Volume two comes out this fall and you can bet your ass it will be sitting on my bookshelf soon after.

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