Friday, July 25, 2008

Arr Arr Oh Dee

It's not a super secret pirate cult password (that involves a handshake), but the death of a good friend.

Time of death was called on my Xbox 360 at 9pmish Wednesday night, July 23rd, 2008. I guess I was just like every naive teenager that doesn't think pregnancy, gateway drugs or car accidents can happen to them. Lets be honest, that just happens to other people, it won't happen to me. Saturday it choked and stalled twice during Gabriel's and my NHL 08 season. I thought like any self aware organism my 360 was just entering it's terrible twos. When I came back to it Wednesday I found out those stalls and chokes were cries for help, not a tantrum over a toy it couldn't have.

Three restarts later and I was just another victim to the RRoD. I am in good company though, I have five friends that have had it happen (one of them twice) and even the proud papa isn't safe from its own spawn. I have heard tales of excellent customer service and I have read great tales of woe as well when it comes to the repair process. Thankfully it is all free of charge, if I had lint in my dvd drive it would be a flat fee of $99, but because of the PR nightmare that is RRoD the fix is on Microsoft's dime. Maybe a free shirt could ease all this pain.

Watchman Trailer
I forgot to mention that prior to Dark Knight there was a trailer for the Watchman film coming in Spring 2009. It looks right out of the graphic novel and I am already losing sleep in anticipation. Apparently there is going to be a game as well, hopefully it is better than the rubbish Iron Man one. By the way where is the Dark Knight game?

Site Watch
InStockTrades is where I am buying my trades from this point on. The appeal of my local comic shop is soured a bit by the high prices, poor selection and the lack of a Cheers "where everybody knows your name" enviorment. If any one of those was fixed I would at least consider buying locally, but for now my LCS might as well be a 711 and the internet wins another round.

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Crystal said...

I am sorry that it had to happen on that night of all nights, making you and John have to sit through wedding talk, videos and crafting excitment.

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