Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Wife the Geek

In the past I have written about the great extent of my geekdom and politely left my better half out of the fray. I often joke with her about putting up with my geekiness and wonder aloud if she knew what she was getting into. Earlier today a study linked on 1up caught my attention though. Apparently women are picking up game controlers like hot cakes. That got me thinking more about our roles as geek husband and geek sympathiser wife.

After collecting my thoughts and reevaluating everything I know in this life, I came to the stunning conclusion that my wife is actually a geek. Apart from hobbies that have tried to introduce to her, she has sought out and taken up a geek scepter of her own. She scrap books, knits, sews and makes jewelry...craft geek! She goes through books a mile a minute in the summer and give me grief for not keeping up with geek! She owns two bikes and likes wearing bike hats in geek! She grew up playing Super Nintendo, the Wii in our house is hers and she owns a pink DS, that she has played until the battery dies on many occasions...*gasp* geek! Oh and did I mention she is a math teacher?

I love my geeky wife, it just took me a long time to realise that she was in fact a geek. Last night she had finished 8 of the 10 Y: The Last Man trades and wanted to make sure I had ordered the last two. We stood in line for an hour Friday night just to be seated for the Dark Knight and she even got excited about and enjoyed Hellboy 2. Life is good in our geek house. I used to make a big effort to get her in to playing WoW. Now I know that she doesn't have to participate in all my geek hobbies because she has her own. I know I don't want to knit.

Site Watch
Web comics are a procrastinators best friend and a geeky math and science related comic seems appropriate given today's topic. Go read xkcd!

R.I.P. Estelle Getty
She passed away at the age of 84 yesterday.

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Crystal said...

We are a cute geeky couple. You forgot that I a Gilmore Girl geek, and you are don't have a problem joining me on that geekdom :)

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