Monday, July 21, 2008

Knight of the Arts

Dark Knight
The last comic movie of the summer is the best comic movie to date. It is rare that a sequel will eclipse its predecessor and even more rare in the genre of comic movies. Dark Knight is not the light hearted, drawing brought to life movie that Hellboy and Iron Man were. It is a gritty crime story that belongs in the same breath as great thrillers, not abominations like X-Men 3. It is truly a genre redefining film.

Heath Ledger should get an Oscar for his role as the Joker. It has a depth, creepiness and raw insanity that Jack Nicholson's Joker never approached. The scenes between Batman and the Joker are true to the comic in so much that they create an air of a rivialary that will gone on forever. I left the film with nothing in my mind that hung it up or should have been added. It is very near perfect.

Affliction: Banned
Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko is a monster in the MMA world. He was the undefeated heavy weight champ in Pride and the star of the highlight reel I send to everyone who starts running their mouth about Kimbo Slice. Saturday night was his first real test since 2006 and he crushed his competition. Tim Sylvia is no slouch, annoying yes, but he was the former UFC heavy weight champ. Fedor finished the fight in 36 seconds! Sylvia had 30 lbs and 8 inches on him and he finished him in 36 seconds. Monster I say!

UFC Fight Night
Not to be out done by the upstart Affliction's card, Dana White announced this Fight Night just one month ago. Surprising many with a weight class move for pound for pound best Anderson Silva. He was pitted against James Irvin who is 3-1 since coming into the UFC at 205lbs. Both fighters made weight and Silva made short work of Irvin with a knock in the 61st second in the first round.

More Comic Movies
Wired has an article up today about the comic movie coming down the pipe for the next three years. There a lot that I was already excited about and others that I had no clue were being made into movies.

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