Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Politics = Boring

I have always had my nose buried in a history book, so politics and all things government related were an obvious extension of that interest. My wife sits on the opposite end of the spectrum, the sardines to my political peanut butter if you will. In the twelve years we have known each other I have made every effort to change her outlook from boredom to mild interest. She voted in the 2000 presidential election, primarily because of my efforts and by the time the 2004 election came around her interest was her own. With the 2008 election fast approaching she is doing research on each candidate in an effort to convince her parents and sister to vote and to vote by the issues that effect them.

Proud as I am of my wife's new found interest, her task is proving to be a bit of a headache. McCain and Obama are just too similar on too many social issues. The big divide is of course the war in Iraq and the international relationships both candidates could foster or crumble should they take office. This is a big deciding factor for many, but when you look beyond that they are both steering toward the middle of the road. Both candidates are on the "green" bandwagon. McCain is even parting with the republican base in his less strict views on abortion. Taxation is still by party line of course, but McCain distances himself again with his support of stem cell research. On education McCain would continue "no child left behind" and a push for private school vouchers. I could expound on what is so terribley wrong those educational stances for 5-6 more paragraphs, but I'll move on.

At the end of the day the war and education (Crystal is a teacher) have already helped me make my decision. Any information we can provide to uninterested parents, siblings, friends and coworkers will hopefully make for a more informed conversation at least.

Cyclist Hero
Sure politics don't get most people's juices flowing and on a Wednesday to boot. How about a good story told in photos of sportsmanship and caring for your fellow man? 2k from the finish line Chris Horner saw a crashed Billy Demong and offered him a ride. Class act!

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