Monday, July 14, 2008

Hellboy, The Betrayer & Camera Slacking

Hellboy 2
Comic movie summer two thousand eight continues with the release of Hellboy 2 this past weekend. Crystal and went out for dinner and a movie a second time this week Saturday night and caught Hellboy. We both liked the original, so we were geeked to see the sequel turn out so well. The mix of humor and action seems genuine and the special effects never drop you off at that looks lane. I have yet to read any Hellboy comics, after making plans to do so four years ago. If you look on the right hand side of this here blog you can see my to do list that I am slowly working through. I might just toss Hellboy to the front of the line after seeing the movie Saturday.

Camera Slacking

My kingdom for a sharper memory in the face of group rides to be remembered. Twice this weekend I went on great group rides and forgot to bring my camera. Friday night I went out with Russ and Grant for a 23 mile stomp around Richmond with a dip into southside. Sunday morning Grant, Russ, Gabriel, Crystal and I met up at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center and did a shortened 16 mile ABC loop. Both rides without a camera, what was I thinking.

The Betrayer
I will most likely never see Illidan on my new Shaman, look he is sixty! That doesn't mean I can't use my family connections to get a glimpse of the Lord of Outland though. Tazeer (mein brother) was over at my place two weekends ago and jumped on his mage to give Mike and I a tour of the Black Temple and some face time with Illidan himself. When I first started raiding three years ago it was an arms race above all else. I needed gear to win at pvp and had to use pve content to do so.

Now that honor gear is passed out like candy and arena gear is just expensive Bavarian chocolate there is no need to pve for pvp. Then why raid? It is still about the gear, but only in that gear is a medium to see end game content. It is a lore nerds wet dream to throw off the shackles of gear greed and know that every piece of gear the guild gets benefits me in my goal of seeing more story. I know there is still greed, I see it everytime I log on, but my new outlook sets me free from that squabling.

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