Friday, July 11, 2008

A Knight Beyond the Wall

Batman: Gotham Knight
Similar to the Animatrix, Gotham Knight is a series of anime shorts inspired by a Hollywood movie. In this case Knight is five shorts that link Batman Begins to The Dark Knight coming out this summer. Unlike the Animatrix the plot of each short links in reverse to the one ahead of it. A tip of the hat to Memento in a way and very well done at that. The directors are not the all star cast that worked on Animatrix, in fact their notable titles include works I consider second tier (Gundam, Neon Genesis, etc). They did amazing work on Knight though. The art is top notch and the writing although not theirs matches the on screen perfectly. Oh and the voice of Batman is done by Kevin Conroy who voiced Batman in Batman: The Animated Series, very cool.

Last night Crystal and I had a dinner and movie date night with Japanese hibachi and WALL-E. I started taking 3D modeling classes the year after Toy Story came out, more for the drafting side of things, but my interest has been forever peaked in Pixar films since. WALL-E falls right in line with the rest of the amazing movies Pixar has created. It is story first then technology and even without a lot of true dialogue the characters are endering and adorable. There is a bit of a message in the story about humans destroying the enviorment and becoming too reliant on technology. It is probably a bit over the head for five year olds, a good message for ten year olds and teens and just a little too preachy for adults.

Beyond the Dark Portal
While I have yet to finish the next novel in the Warcraft series I am far enough in to recommended it to fellow lore nerds. It pays a lot of lip service to second tier characters that were not a big part of the lore previously. It is nice to get some more back story between Warcraft 2 and 3, but admitely is not the best book to date. Not yet at least, the first half of the novel is played out in Azeroth and the second half, which I just got to, is in Draenor. Hopefully there will be some more Deathwing parts, because he is my favorite character, and hopefully Kil'jaeden will make an appereance to interact with Ner’zhul.

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