Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth Tradition

Fireworks on the fourth is an American tradition. There is joy and amazement in every child's eyes the first time they see explosions in the sky. What about the 26th time though? Frankly I'm tired of fireworks on the fourth. Specifically the act of attending a fireworks show. Give me a beer and a gross of bottle rockets and I'm a happy man, but that could be any day of the year.

So this year we had friends over, grilled up some burgers and went to the movies. That's right the movie theater is open on our nations birthday and there is no one there. Crystal and I go to the movies quite frequently and usually brave waves of kids, tweens and teenagers to do so. We go to late shows in an attempt to cut down on the kid to adult ratio, but it is never full proof. Well the one day that there are absolutely no kids at the movies is the fourth of July. Until we have kids of our own we will make plans to go to the movies on the fourth of July for the forseeable future.

Yet another comic based movie. Unfortunately I can't speak to how true the film kept to the pages, but I can say that I enjoyed it. It was the definition of a popcorn movie. The kind of film you can just sit back and enjoy. There were no complex plot elements, it required a strong suspension of disbelief and it delivered loads of action. The majority of the CGI looked incredible save one or two scenes that looked terrible and the comedy elements held up nicely.

Site Watch
World of Raids used to be my site of choice for WoW news, then I found MMO Champion and started following it instead. After my six month break from WoW I came back to find World of Raids redesigned and much more aesthetically pleasing. It is now my WoW news site of choice for the second time.


Grant said...

Where did you come up with such an idea?

It reminds me of the Jewish poster on the iBOB list who said Christmas morning was the best day of the year to ride your bike down the middle of Main Street. America is never quieter.

Wreck said...

We were mildly bored and decided to look at fandango for movie times.

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