Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome back...

Like a two wheeled bicycle phoenix Gabriel (my brother) and Crystal (mein wife) rose from the cycling dead to attend their first group ride in many years last weekend. Mike and I took it easy on them with an eight mile refresher out and back. We rode to Deep Run Park took a few laps on the asphalt and gravel and made our way home. Nothing to strenuous, but we are building layers like a tasty bicycle lasagna. Pictures...
Crystal and MikeGabriel
Our Abby Road
A different kind of group shot
Mileage update
As predicted I eventually missed my goal of surpassing my previous months mileage. I just wish I had ridden an extra lap around the neighborhood. I was just 1.2 miles short of matching my May total.

: 46.6 miles
March: 82.25 miles
April: 121.42 miles
May: 135.22 miles
June: 134.02 miles

2008 Year to Date: 519.51 miles


Grant said...

That is an unusually high quality of ride photo. Well done on several of those.

I dig the sunglass group shot and the reverse Abbey Road thing.

Landon said...

Friggin Fantastic. Looking forward to hitting the roads with you guys when I get back.

Great to see Crystal and Gabriel enjoying the wheels again.

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