Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Riding by Numbers

Riding a bike shouldn't be math or science homework, it is an organic experience that should be expressed in feeling. Let the spandex covered, juicy juice injecting "pro" cyclist worry about the numbers. I just want to get out and ride with my friends. I ride for joy, well mostly...

I do keep a log of my rides and try to pedal more miles in the current month than I did in the previous. Hopefully that doesn't lump me in with weight shaving, geometry obsessed junkies, but it is nice to look at my spreadsheet Monday mornings and garner a small sense of accomplishment. Below are my numbers since the month of February this year...

February: 46.6 miles
March: 82.25 miles
April: 121.42 miles
May: 135.22 miles
June: 94.02 miles

With only half of the month of June elapsed I am well on my way to surpassing May. Another point of pride are my May miles falling just four miles shy of three times my miles in February. Unfortunately, I am sure I will miss my goal at some point. My affinity for riding in groups and summer vacations already on deck almost guarantee it. That and at some point my free time dedicated to riding will clash with how long it takes to ride longer distances. Oh and July and August are hot, who knew!

In the end it is about having fun and hanging out with my friends. I look at the pictures way more than the spreadsheets and tell the stories more than I toss and turn at night about miles pedaled.

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Grant said...

You've struck a good balance between riding for numbers versus riding for fun, I think. I remember when average speed use to dictate effort on rides.... not cool.

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