Friday, June 20, 2008

Gone Campin'

Crystal and I took off early this week to go camping. Our anniversary was celebrated with some disappointing Italian food on June 4th and then it was on to Grant and Erin's wedding weekend and the following weekend was just too busy. So we belated our anniversary trip to this weekend. We are headed to Bear Creek lake to canoe, hike and be merry. In lieu of a posting a full on bee-log entry today, I'll just cop out and post some random thoughts and links.

Great Divide
2,711 unsupported miles, better than the tour and deserves a good documentary on Discovery HD. Until then following along at the website.

Avett Brothers
We got front row standing positions (that sounds awkward) at the Avett Brothers most recent show in Innsbrook Wednesday night. The venue is shitty and it looked like half the crowd was there to post work socialize, but the music was fantastic. They had a few instrument hangups, but that seems to be the norm from the two previous shows we have been too. They also announced their newest album (The Gleam II) which is coming out July 22nd. We got to hear three songs from it and they were rad, mark your calendars!

It's Naugahyde
We had a rousing conversation with the neo Holbricks at dinner about what the word was for fake leather. I first suggested simpily pleather, grant suggested formaldehyde, I suggested monaugahyde (not a word) and Erin thought it was naugahyde, she was correct.

He is Watching!

See you Monday!

1 comment:

Erin said...

YAY! I WIN!!!!

Later I thought of Vinyl, but glad I got the correct answer in at dinner :)

Have fun at Bear Creek!

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